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At The Reef Doctor we Create Underwater Worlds for You!

We strive to make your custom aquarium as simple and carefree as possible. Our specialty is rare and exotic living reef aquarium maintenance, but we also design and install standard tanks of all types and sizes.  Whether you want saltwater, freshwater, fish-only, or the more rare and exotic jellyfish, we can create a custom tank or in-wall tank to fit your needs.  

One of the greatest services that sets us apart is our standard quarantine for all service clients. This is a rare service in the saltwater world as it can be a significant amount of labor & stress to set up one or more other tanks for treatment that maybe necessary. We implement a few methods that take time but allow you to have a comfort and peace of mind knowing your livestock will be healthy when we deliver them! Some treatments that work well (other than harsh copper) are high quality chloroquine phosphate tank treatment and metronidazole enriched food. 

We offer various packages and service for care: from on-site aquarium maintenance to fully automated plug and play systems.  Our proprietary software allows us to care for your tank from anywhere!


Benefits of an Aquarium

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Promotes tranquility

  • Educational purposes for children

  • Proven medical benefits for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia (See Medical Benefits Page)

  • Promotes creativity and productivity in an office environment

  • Living Décor

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