freshwater aquarium free FISH for businesses

This is a great fit for a small business that has a set budget annually or likes to keep things very simple. If you have a freshwater aquarium with proper filtration and would like us to service your tank, we will do so and stock your aquarium with lively colorful no charge. If you have an Office, Studio, School or are in a Doctor's, Dentist or Veterinary Office setting, this is excellent for children, clients and patients. All of the beauty without any of the work!

We breed our freshwater fish in-house and need the room to grow them out, so you can benefit from this by paying only a flat maintenance fee and let us do all the rest. If a fish outgrows the tank, we swap it out. If one perishes, we will replace it once we confirm there are no other issues causing a problem. You get all of the advantages of an aquarium at a fraction of the cost!

There are only two requirements to qualify for this program:

  1. 1) You must have proper filtration. If not, we can help you have so for a nominal fee.

  2. 2) You must own or purchase an Automatic Feeder. We want to maintain quality food portions to limit the possibility of losses.

Maintenance schedule is set by The Reef Doctor and includes:

  • Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces

  • Rake and/or siphon debris from substrate

  • Change chemical filtration media as needed

  • Dose (or leave for future usage) the proper water treatments

  • Check & replenish the inventory of food

  • Clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants and ornaments as needed

  • Visual check equipment, air and water flow

  • Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming and breathing rates

  • Water Change 25%-50% Monthly


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