If you have an aquarium and you’re not happy with how it looks, or you are thinking about owning an aquarium for the first time, but not sure where to begin, give us a call. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your best options until we find out what works best for you and your budget. Simply sit back and let us do the work for you to enjoy the Underwater World Created for You!

If you're a self starter and need a professional "kick-start" we have short term plans customized for your needs to help you learn what you need to know, where to buy what you need and what the best deals insure you have a long enjoyable experience keeping your aquarium. *A standard hourly consulting fee will apply unless a Consulting Agreement has been signed.

*A $30 fuel surcharge may apply for consultations greater than 25 miles from office.

Aquarium installation and maintenance

Prices will vary based on aquatic needs, tank size, filtration, accessibility, live stock, individual preferences and frequency of visits. We provide a free quote or phone consultation to determine the specific needs for each tank (unless client is over 25 miles from office address or willing to pay the $30 mileage surcharge).

Emergency Service Rates

We are available for Emergency Services 7 Days a week for $150 for the initial hour per technician and $100 for each after following. If any part needed aren’t standard, we will always let you know what the cost for you to make an informed decision. Prices are upfront so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Integrity is far more important to us than trying to make an extra few dollars!

Maintenance clients do have discounted rates with a service agreement. For a quote, please contact us to get more information. We can do terms as short as 6 months and visits quarterly to match your needs. See the Maintenance Package Page for more details.

Scheduled Maintenance Service packages all include:

  • Clean exterior and interior aquarium surfaces

  • Rake and/or siphon debris from substrate

  • Change chemical filtration media as needed

  • Dose (or leave for future usage) the proper trace elements

  • Check the inventory of food

  • Empty protein skimmer collection cup

  • Clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants and ornaments as needed

  • Visual check equipment, air and water flow

  • Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming and breathing rates

  • Update point of contact as needed

Water Analysis

If you have an existing system and you would like to know why you may be having issues, we offer a detailed water analysis that will show all elements including anything that may cause toxicity. You’d be surprised what we find in some aquarium water. This is a $100. If you are signing up for monthly service, 1/2 of the water analysis test fee is applied to your first month of service. It’s helpful for us to have a plan for your aquarium when we know what’s in your system as well!

quarantine Service

One of the greatest services that sets us apart is our standard quarantine for all service clients. This is a rare service in the saltwater world as it can be a significant amount of labor & stress to set up one or more other tanks for treatment that maybe necessary. We implement a few methods that take time but allow you to have a comfort and peace of mind knowing your livestock will be healthy when we deliver them! Some treatments that work well (other than harsh copper) are pharmaceutical grade Chloroquine Phosphate tank treatment and Metronidazole enriched food. 

Non-for Profit and Corporate Pricing are Available

Fish Guarantee policy

The Reef Doctor offers a ten (10) day guarantee on marine fish only (no coral or invertebrates) for maintenance customers with a service agreement. Replacement is limited to a one-time credit for the value of the fish covered.

The guarantee does not apply to discounted livestock. The Reef Doctor will make every effort to replace fish as soon as possible; however, replacements will not be added until we are confident that the new fish will thrive. Fish costing under $75 will only be replaced with a following livestock order. Fish deaths resulting from parasites or bacterial infections may take up to 90 days to replace for the safety of your system.

This guarantee does not cover fish deaths resulting from power outages, abuse, negligence, unauthorized changes to the aquarium system, or acts of God. The Reef Doctor reserves the right to remove any fish replacement credits on late accounts if overages or labor fees have not been paid in full.

Dead fish must be removed immediately upon discovery, notify The Reef Doctor, and send a clear photo of the same as soon as possible. Since a dead fish can quickly foul an entire tank, it is the responsibility of Client to remove dead fish as soon as possible! A dead fish can be an indication of a larger problem. Failure to promptly remove the dead fish and provide a clear photo of the same will void any livestock guarantees. Some restrictions may apply.

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